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The story is the most fundamental part of your campaign. It informs the people reading it the reason why you created the campaign in the first place. That is why it is so important to consider these four points:

1- The person or institution that will benefit from it.  You must describe who it is and what situation is that person or institution is going through. This way, people that read the story will feel engaged and will identify with the story and will help with donations and/or sharing the campaign.  

2- The reason why you took the initiative to create it, must be clearly explained. Do it in a way that it will identify with you, even if the funds are not for you. One thing is the reason for the campaign and another is the reason why you decided to create it.

3- The emotional touch is the heart of the message of your story.  Also, you need to explain the consequences if the funds are not received  This will motivate people to donate. 

4- Ask for advice from the people that will help you. They will bring new ideas.