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The purpose of a title is to incentivize the reader to read the first sentence in a story. The objective of that first sentence is to create an interest in the reader to continue reading the story all the way to the end. 

To create a catchy title:

1- It must be brief.

2- Straight to the point.

3- The use of words must be simple, leaving complex words out. You want everyone to understand your story.

4- It must be no longer than 70 characters. (it is a fact. The longer the title, the less successful the campaign will be).

5- It must be appealing. This means that it must reach peopleĀ“s hearts for them to donate and share the campaign with others.

6- Avoid the use of slang language. Remember that people from other backgrounds and origins should understand your story in order for them to donate and share your campaign. 

7- Ask for feedback from your team. 

Important:  Most of the time, writing the story first helps you create a better title. However, always take into consideration our recommendations.