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Withdrawing raised funds in AllFundIt is a fast and easy process. 

When you visit your Dashboard, you will see your campaign listed, in there you can see the available funds for withdrawing. Just follow the following steps: 

1- Click on the "Withdraw Request" button.

2- Click on the "Confirm" button to process your withdrawal request.

After this step, you will receive an email with information about your request. We will receive the notification automatically.

After seven business days, from the day of the request, the funds will be confirmed by the credit card processor. After their confirmation, it could take up to 3 additional days to execute the transfer to the bank account registered at the time of the campaign creation.

In your Panel,  you can go to the "Withdraw"  tab to see the details.

You can request more than one withdraw per campaign while the campaign is live. When the campaign finishes, you must request the available funds, if any. 

We recommend not doing multiple withdraws since the bank will charge you for each wire transfer. Currently, the wire transfer cost is about $45 per transfer.

Keep in mind that if your bank is outside the United States of America using a different currency, you will receive the funds in that currency at the exchange rate calculated by the bank at the time of transfer.