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Making a campaign to raise funds in AllFundIt is easy, however, in order for it to be successful, this is the first step towards reaching your goal. 

We recommend:

1- Make a pre-campaign: inform a group of close friends and family what you are planning to do. That way, they can support you in the broadcast of your campaign from the moment it gets published in AllFundIt, this way you will reach more people with your campaign. They can promote your campaign using all social media and other forms (email, text, etc.).  Also, you must tell people to follow your campaign by using the Follow button on the page. That way they will be up to date on how the campaign is doing and any update you share. This will motivate them to continue promoting your campaign.  

2- Always ask for help, support, and assistance, but never ask for money. We know the money is what you need, but this way is a better way to reach your goal.

3- Make a calendar to promote your campaign and stick to it. Make sure that all the people in your team execute the plan. For example, you can establish that every other day at 7pm you will post to your Spreely wall the campaign and have your team promote it via email and text and in their wall at the same time.  AllFundIt allows you to add all the people you need to your team.

4-  Remember that a Campaign has a set time in days, weeks, or months and the constant promotion of it is important for its success. 

5- Embrace your commitment and engage everyone... the success of your campaign will always benefit many people.