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This is really the key to the success of your campaign. The more you share it, the more media you use and the more frequent you do it, the better results you will obtain in your campaign.

When you go to the campaign page, you will find the following sharing options: 

1- Spreely post it in your wall, tag your friends, send it via Spreely Chat to your friends, and post it in the groups that you belong to.

2- Parler: Tweet on your page frequently. Ask your friends to retweet your campaign.  

3- HotTakes: Post it in your wall and send it via private message to your contacts.  

4- Link: when you click here, a pop-up window will open with a link to your campaign. You can send this link using email, text messages, social networks, etc. 

5- Flyer with QR Code: if you want to print a flyer to post it in public places, this is the best way to do it. When you click the button, a PDF file is created that you can print. Your campaign cover image will be there, part of the story, and a QR Code that links to your page. Anyone with a smartphone can scan the page with the camera and will be directed to the campaign page.

6- Embed: this option is for those that manage internet pages. A programming code is generated that can be integrated into a web page, increasing your campaign reach.

These lists make us the platform with the most options to share a campaign. This way, you have more chances to have a successful campaign. Keep in mind that your dedication, effort and your team support are key to success.