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Brandon Straka Legal Defense Fund

Patriots, We have acquired legal defense for Brandon but as you can imagine, it will be costly. Please contribute if you can.

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  • Thomas Miloszewski


    This freedom loving American stands with you! God Bless you Brandon! Here is a little bit to help out your defense against these outrageous charges!

  • Lisa Smarick


    Last summer, our daughter was getting drawn into the social media frenzy of her socialist friends. and gave us some great advice. You took the time to talk with us about it and gave us great advice. God bless you.. you are a true Patriot!!

  • $1,000.00



    Brandon, this Vietnamese gal is behind you. Stand strong against the witch hunt.

  • John J Froehle


    Brandon, I've enjoyed the #walkaeay ride and look forward to the carnival starting up again. This too shall pass. MLK knew that from inside a Birmingham jail Alt tech anyone? Let it rip roar. Stay strong. Your message is needed, our American culture

  • $1,000.00

    William Berry

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Brandon Straka Legal Defense Fund

On January 25th, the FBI arrested Brandon Straka based on a criminal complaint that alleges charges in connection with the events at the capitol on January 6th, 2021. Brandon has been released from jail but there is a long road ahead. Friends and family have retained an excellent legal defense for Brandon but as one can imagine, it will be costly. If you can contribute to the cost of his defense, we would greatly appreciate it. Brandon has received the kind messages of support from each of you and wants you all to know that he's thinking about you during this time.  Please continue to lift Brandon up in your prayers!

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