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Fighting Censorship on “Indivisible with John Stubbins”

Support the production of John Stubbins Show who is a dedicated Patriot committed to bringing you the truth on topics to fight Censorship.

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Fighting Censorship on “Indivisible with John Stubbins”

Indivisible with John Stubbins

     John Stubbins is a dedicated Patriot committed to bringing you the truth on topics that are not being reported in the mainstream media. His show was launched in March 2020.

     John is now being censored on multiple platforms due to his association, topics, show content and the Guests on his show.  The American People deserve to hear the truth of what is occurring across Our Country and in the World. John vows to continue to fight. The only way to make this happen is through Real Podcasts/Shows like ‘Indivisible with John Stubbins’.

     Through his connection he can “The Interviews “. However, the ability to get Sponsors or Funding to support the cost becomes difficult due to the Political divide. Most companies or those with funds DO NOT want to get involved or DO NOT want the Truth to come out or spoke about.

     Without “Big Tech” or “Corporate Sponsors” the Production and equipment costs to research, research and support a show becomes hard to undertake.

     This is why it is necessary for REAL PATRIOTS that Love America and want to hear the Truth support this show. With supporting this show through donations, John can continue to bring truth to you through his interviews. These are the WORDS THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO HEAR. John commits to bringing the Truth to you.

     Please donate whatever you can. Stay tuned to ‘Indivisible with John Stubbins’ for AMAZING Shows to come.

List of Previous Interviews

Attorney/Former Federal Prosecutor/Author: Sidney Powell,

Congressmen Devin Nunes

President Trumps Advisory Counsel Member for Black Voices, Sirius XM  Host, Conservative Columnist: Stacy Washington

Former President Trump Aide/Author: Carter Page

Co-Founder of the Tea Party: Michael Johns

Congressional Candidates: Buzz Patterson, Cathy Bernstein, Charles Langworthy, Chris Bush, David Dudenhoefer, Eric Early, Errol Weber, George Santos, Jim Simpson, Joe E. Collins III, John Cummings, Josh Barnett, Leon Benjamin, Michael Cargile, Rhonda Furin

National Center For Public Policy & The Free Enterprise Project, General Counsel/Director: Justin Danhof

Washington Times Reporter: Rowen Scarborough

Author/Judge: Roy Moore

Author: Dr. Warren Farrell

Actors: John Schneider, Louis Gossett Jr.

Producers: Joe Battaglia, Mark Joseph Mark Koch, David Sams,

Trevor Loudon

Founder of First Freedom Network: JD Rucker

NBA/College Basketball Hall of Farmer: Jerry Lucas

Sportscaster ESPN College Football/ Actor: Mike Gottfried

Singer/Song Writer: Dave Bray

TV Show Host FLIP IT RED CALIFORNIA: Anna Elizabeth

Dad Talk a today Host: Eric Carroll

JAG Attorney/Dad Talk Today Legal Analyst: Melissa Isaak

Hobby Lobby President, Steve Green
Pastor Tony Spell

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Roosters Owner, Dan Ponton

Director of Marketing & PR Roosters: Nicole Cox

Conservative Activist, BackTheBlue, Trump Supporters, Event Organizers

Northern CA: Jamie Farrell, Francine Knittel

MAGA INTERSTATE DRIVE Administrators: Harva Loudon, Keith Lee


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