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'For The Purpose Of Recruiting Gunmen' - An Epic Travesty Of Justice

Pete Santilli is self-publishing his book about one of the most epic travesties of justice in American history - the Bundy indictments & trials

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'For The Purpose Of Recruiting Gunmen' - An Epic Travesty Of Justice

Pete Santilli's epic account of entrapment, malicious prosecution & incarceration of some of our nation's greatest patriots indicted in the Bundy trials details the history of Cliven Bundy's 20+ year land grazing dispute with the Federal Government.   The protesters who came to help a Nevada Rancher in 2014 had no idea that Cliven Bundy had been jousting with the federal government since 1993.

In April 2014 Pete was introduced to Cliven Bundy's story when hundreds of heavily armed federal agents descended upon his Bunkerville Nevada ranch.  After his interview with Mr. Bundy on April 8th, Pete travelled to Bunkerville to see for himself what Cliven described as a military operation which had snipers trained on his family, and federal agents brutalized and wrongfully arresting his son for taking pictures of the cattle impoundment.

When Pete arrived at Bundy Ranch, he recorded heavily armed Bureau of Land Management agents tasing unarmed protestors, throwing women to the ground, and sicking dogs on pregnant Bundy family members.  His video went viral and international media immediately descended upon Bundy Ranch to cover the story.

Millions of people around the world tuned into Pete's pioneering live stream coverage on social media which resulted in a protest on April 12th by patriotic Americans who demanded that the Sheriff protect the Bundy family from U.S. Government overreach.  After a tense armed standoff at high noon on April 12th, Bureau of Land Management agents were ordered by the Sheriff  to evacuate their military compound & depart Nevada.

The standoff ended peacefully, and the American people celebrated what is now known as the first time citizens took up arms to defend against the federal government since 1945.  

The Obama Administration was humiliated, and despite a multi-year investigation, the FBI and DOJ were unsuccessful in getting a Grand Jury to indict the Bundy's and their supporters. It wasn't until 2016 when the Bundy family members lead another internationally televised protest at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Burns Oregon that Obama's DOJ and FBI were able to convince 2 Grand Jury's in Oregon and Nevada to indict Cliven Bundy & his supporters as domestic terrorists and co-conspirators attempting to overthrow the government.

In 2014 and 2016, Pete Santilli reached millions of viewers worldwide with his pioneering social media broadcasts and the U.S. Government was so incensed, they fabricated evidence and falsely accused him of broadcasting on the internet “for the purpose of recruiting gunman”.  He was held in federal detention without bail for 619 days, and became the longest held journalist on American soil in U.S. history.

Throughout his 2 year incarceration, Pete spent every waking moment uncovering evidence that resulted in winning 2 federal trials in both Oregon and Nevada.  Despite families being destroyed as a result of lengthy, unconstitutional incarcerations of all of the defendants, justice was ultimately served in both the Oregon and Nevada trials, but the truth about what happened is yet to be told.

For the first time, the full story will be told about government abuse of power, malicious prosecution and misconduct, fraudulent accusations and testimony, and unconstitutional rulings by activist federal judges.Although the Bundy defendants won in 2 federal trials and the liberal 9th Circuit determined that the entire prosecution that began in 2014 was a fraud, the dismissal of the case in Nevada stopped the truth from coming out in a very public trial.

Pete Santilli finally reveals one of the biggest cover-ups in American history, and the book will become the ultimate indictment of the true criminals in the Bundy Ranch saga.            

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